NAPESCO INDIA offers PSM implementation and Audit Services as per OSHA requirements. The objectives of PSM Audit includes the following,

  • To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving Personnel, Plant, Services and Operation method
  • To ensure that Occupational Safety and Health system fully complies with legal requirements and those of the Company’s written Safety Policies, Objectives and Progress
  • To evaluate the status of existing OH&S Management System Elements against OSHA PSM Standard 1910.119

The gap analysis are carried out by study of records, site observation and evaluation against the PSM elements.


NAPESCO INDIA conducts Safety audits for the Upstream and Downstream processing and Industrial Facilities, Pipelines, Commercial Buildings to identify the Hazards in the respective areas, to do gap analysis against the International, National and Corporate Standards and to suggest improvements in the HSE Management Systems and Devices etc. Audits are carried out by the team of experienced and qualified HSE professionals. Recommendations are prioritized based on the Statutory and Industry Practices.