NAPESCO India represents CHINA OIL HBP GROUP as their exclusive agents in India for the supply/service of their entire range of Oil-Gas field equipment. CHINA OIL HBP GROUP is an international service provider committed to providing comprehensive solutions for oil and gas development and exploitation, head quartered in Beijing, China.

Following are some of the Oil-Gas field technology & equipment supplied by the Group:

I. Natural Gas Separation, Purification and Processing

– Cyclone Filter

– Filter Separator

– Alcohol-Amine Desulphurisation and Decarbonisation

– TEG Dehydration

– Dew Point Control

II. Crude Oil Electrostatic Dehydration and Desalter Processing

– Horizontal Polar Plate Electrostatic Dehydration and  Desalter units

– AC and DC Vertical Polar Plate Electrostatic Dehydration and Desalter units

III. Well Testing and Production Test Devices

– Skid Mounted Surface Test Equipment

– Vehicle Mounted Surface Test Equipment

– Multiport Selector and Test Separator

– Metering Skid

IV. High Efficient Oil-Gas- Water Separator

– Oil Gas Water  Three Phase Separator

– Oil Gas Water Grit Separator

– Oil Gas Water Three Phase Metering Device

– Oil Gas Water Grit Separator special for FPSO

V.Tertiary Oil Extraction Equipment and Process

– Polymer/ Sodium Carbonate Dispering Device

– Mother Liquor maturation Tank

– Polymer Injection Device

– Flow Controller

VI. Environmental Protection Process and Equipment for Oil & Gas

– Tank Cleanng Equipment (Crude Oil & Refined Oil)

– Oily Sludge Reduction, Recycling Equipment

– Harmless Treatment and Solution of Wastes (Electrochemical, Thermal Desorption, Incinerator

– Oil Field Back Flow Acid Fracturing Liquid Solution

– Flue Gas Purification and Denitration Process Technology